August Presentation – Creating Public Banks

After hearing from district elected officials in the last several meetings, the club will host an issue-based presentation by public banking advocate Shelly Browning on Thursday, August 24, at 7 p.m. at the Windsor Round Table Pizza, 8499 Old Redwood Highway. Ms. Browning has been involved in the public banking movement for the past five years, working with the organization Friends of Public Banking Santa Rosa.

Public banks, banks owned by a government entity, have been around since at least 1408, when the first known institution was established in Genoa, Italy. In general, public banks are intended to operate for the public interest.

Currently, the only public bank in the U.S. is the Bank of North Dakota, which has operated since 1919. North Dakota’s assets are used to capitalize the bank, and state revenues are mandated to be deposited in the bank. Dividends are paid to the people.

Public banks are now being considered in several California cities, as well as in other states throughout the U.S. Shelly Browning will present the case for public banking. The meeting is free and open to all. Pizza will be served.

— Barry Hirsch



The club will also discuss, briefly:

  • The proposal by the developer of Vintage Oaks to pay the Town $750,000 in order to avoid having any moderate-rate housing units in the development. President Rick Massell would like to send a letter from the club, expressing the opinion of the club, if there is consensus on the matter.
  • Setting up tables for Tuesday, September 26, to help with National Voter Registration Day, and asking for volunteers.
  • Deep canvassing in one of Windsor’s precincts, and how people are interested in helping.

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