Exciting Changes for the Windsor Democratic Club

Democratic clubs in our county are chartered by the Sonoma County Democratic Party, with thriving clubs in Santa Rosa, the South County, Sonoma Valley, and Oakmont, as well as the Latino Democratic Club and the Wine Country Young Democrats club. Each club, like ours, has a particular interest implied by the club title: geographic, ethnic, or demographic. With their unique perspectives, each club interacts with and offers local insight to the Central Committee of the County Democratic Party. The opinions of the clubs feed into the Committee’s decisions to endorse candidates and ballot measures in each election cycle.

The Windsor Democratic Club has long included members from beyond the Windsor town limits. With that diverse membership has come an interest in issues beyond the town’s borders. With this expanded geographic focus the club began some time ago to discuss a name more reflective of what the club does. In November the club voted to change the club name to the Windsor/North County Democratic Club. Members wanted to retain the identification with Windsor, a positive aspect of the club, while formalizing its expanded scope.

Club programs are offered to give the community a better understanding of issues that confront us, leading to better informed choices when voting or forming opinions. Although inherently political, the club works to provide information prior to advocating for an issue or candidate. Recent programs have included presentations from the Sonoma County Water Agency, the Russian Riverkeepers, LandPaths, and Catholic Charities.

Club programs also have featured – and will continue to feature – periodic reports from state and local elected officials whose jurisdiction includes Windsor: currently those officials are State Senator Mike McGuire, Assembly Member Jim Wood, and Supervisor James Gore, all Democrats.

The club’s initial formal foray into Healdsburg took place on July 28 at 7 p.m. at the Villa Chanticleer, when the club sponsored a forum about a November Healdsburg ballot measure to change the existing Growth Management Ordinance. That forum was free and open to the public, as are all club events. More information about the forum can be found at https://windsordemocrats.org/2016/07/20/july-28th-healdsburg-growth-management-ordinance-community-forum/

Scheduled meetings of the club are on the fourth Thursday evening of each month.

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