Making a difference in Windsor on June 5th

The Windsor/North County Democratic Club voted, at its meeting on April 26, to actively campaign for two June 5th ballot measures:

* Regional Measure 3, which will (among many other things) provide funding to (finally!) eliminate the Navato Narrows on Route 101, and funding for the SMART train system to bring trains to Windsor (by 2021).

* State Proposition 68, which authorizes issuing $4 billion in bonds, state-wide, for parks, environmental protection, and water infrastructure in California.

The club leadership has come up with two immediate actions for the club’s campaign, because mail ballots should start arriving next week, and once people have voted, it’s too late to make a difference. Those two actions — for which we’re looking for more participants — are:

* On Sunday, May 6, we’re going to hand out flyers (see attached) at the Windsor Farmers Market, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. (meeting at Cafe Noto at 9:45 a.m.). You can help by joining in for as little as a half-shift (90 minutes).

* On Saturday, May 12, we’re going to have a training session on canvassing, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., followed by lunch (provided by the club – pizza and salad and drinks; both training and lunch are at the Windsor Round Table restaurant), and then two hours of actually canvassing in Windsor neighborhoods. The canvassing will be asking voters to help bring the SMART train to Windsor by voting for Regional Measure 3, and — if they respond positively to the first topic — asking for their support for Prop 68, as well as generally encouraging them to vote.

The May 12th activity has another purpose: canvassing in other Congressional districts is one way for those of us in “blue” Sonoma County to help the Democratic Party to become the majority in the House of Representatives in January 2019. We’ll be announcing opportunities, possibly as early as next month, for canvassing and other ways to get involved in specific Congressional campaigns elsewhere in California; in the meantime, what we do on the 12th is both training and practical application of that training.

If you’re interested in helping on May 6th or participating on May 12th, let Rick Massell, the club president, know: email to rick @, or call 707-696-9364.)

Here’s our chance to do something great, locally, and to show that the Windsor/North County Democratic Club is going to be a factor in the June election.

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