Sheriff Candidate Mark Essick to Speak at October Meeting

Captain Mark Essick, a candidate in the upcoming election for Sheriff of Sonoma County, will speak to the club at the meeting on Thursday, October 26th, at 7 p.m. at the Windsor Round Table restaurant. The club will also elect four voters and two alternates for the regional pre-endorsement conference in January 2018. This allows the club to have input into the California Democratic Party endorsements for our representatives in Congress and in the state legislature.

Captain Mark Essick grew up in Marin County. He attended California State University, Sacramento where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in 1993.  He began his career with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office in 1994. Starting in the Detention Division as a Correctional Deputy, he joined the Law Enforcement Division in 1996 as a Deputy Sheriff, where he worked a variety of assignments, including main office patrol, Roseland substation, the contract Town of Windsor, Field Training Officer, and Property Crimes Detective. In 2002, he earned a Master’s of Business Administration from Golden Gate University, San Francisco.

In 2007, he was promoted to Sergeant, working as a main office patrol supervisor, Windsor Police Department supervisor, and Bomb Squad supervisor. In 2014 he was promoted to Lieutenant. In addition to working as Patrol Watch Commander, he managed a variety of specialized units, including the Helicopter Unit, the Bomb Squad, and the Marine Unit. In 2015 he moved to the Administrative Division, managing the Sheriff’s Office Personnel and Internal Affairs units. In 2016, after being promoted to Captain, he returned to Field Services Division, where he is responsible for overseeing and managing the Patrol Bureau, Dispatch Bureau, Court Security / Transportation Bureau, and the contract cities of Windsor and Sonoma.

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