Vote for change on June 5th – John Mutz for Sheriff

For the first time in more than two decades, we the people of Sonoma County have a real choice for sheriff. Not just of three experienced candidates, but also of the kind of law enforcement we want for our county.

If you believe, as we do, that the relationship between law enforcement and the communities it serves is broken and that respect for all must be restored, the best choice is John Mutz.

We did not arrive at this conclusion easily. Our Sonoma County Democratic Clubs and the Sonoma County Democratic Party devoted many hours to promoting and hosting forums on the Sheriff’s race, and interviewing and comparing the candidates. All have impressive resumes. All are aware of the challenges that lie ahead.

But only John Mutz has a track record of actually creating the change we need, of succeeding in the worst of circumstances. He was an LAPD station commander in 1992 when riots broke out following the beating of Rodney King. He was able to mediate between cops and communities, to defuse tensions and rebuild trust, and thereafter dedicated himself to bringing forward new initiatives in community-based policing, both in LA and nationwide. He has an impressive list of endorsements, from members of law enforcement and local elected officials to well-respected community leaders, including our local Democratic Party, the Latino Political Action Committee of Sonoma County, the Press-Democrat, the Argus-Courier, as well as other local news, community, and labor organizations.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of this choice. The sheriff leads our county’s largest law enforcement agency (responsible for 1,550 square miles, two city police departments, 600 employees and two jails) and is likely to be at the forefront of federal immigration challenges.

We have a unique opportunity to bring 21st century, community-based policing to Sonoma County, evolving from a warrior to a guardian mentality, ensuring that each and every resident is treated with respect. It won’t come our way again soon. Vote for change on June 5th. Vote for John Mutz.


— Sandy Reynolds, President Santa Rosa Democratic Club

— Rick Massell, President Windsor/North County Democratic Club

— Therese Horsting and Michele Larkey, Co-Chairs Democratic Club of Southern Sonoma County

— Beth Hadley, President Sonoma Valley Democratic Club

— Tom Amato, President Oakmont Democratic Club

— Caroline Banuelos, President Sonoma County Latino Democratic Club

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