Windsor Town Hall: The Green New Deal and You

Our earth is warming quickly. Every year the rate of increase is faster. The earth is in critical condition. One goal of the Green New Deal is to cut carbon emissions in half in 11 years – by 2030! It’s all about reversing current climate change trends. This requires, among other things:

— Retrofitting older buildings so they use much less energy
— Constructing all new buildings so they use zero net energy
— Investing in green energy production: solar, wind, hydro
— Zero emissions for autos and trucks (powered by batteries or fuel cells)
— Improved and expanded mass transit

What can we do in Windsor? Come to the Windsor Democratic Club’s town hall on Thursday, April 25, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Windsor Round Table Pizza restaurant to find out. Windsor’s elected officials will discuss the Town’s policies, programs and the goals for reducing emissions. PLUS we will have local leaders from sustainable enterprises and community organizations, who will report on what they have been doing and plan to do in the future.

The meeting is free and open to all; pizza will be served.


    • Margaret Koren on April 22, 2019 at 10:43 am
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    Hi John and Rick,
    Thank you for setting this up.
    How can I publicize this on Facebook or is it already taken care of ?
    ~ maggi

    1. Maggi – It looks like you found, and shared, , which is perfect. Thanks! — John

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