A Solution for Getting News That You Can Trust?

Update: A Windsor Times article of August 1, 2018, reports on how the meeting went.

The July 26th meeting of the Windsor Democratic Club will feature Chase Palmieri, an entrepreneur and news junkie. In 2016, he was frustrated with the quality of online news and wanted a way to hold authors and outlets accountable, like a Yelp for news consumers. When he saw that none existed, he and his team built Tribeworthy. Tribeworthy allows users to review articles, creating an aggregate rating for every article, author, and news outlet.

At this meeting, Chase will be discussing why “Crowd Contested Media” is the only uncensored and scalable solution. He will demonstrate how the platform works, and provide ways to get involved.

Chase just became the co-host of Project Censored Radio, a nonprofit media watchdog founded in 1976 that airs on over 40 stations nationwide, including KPFA in Berkeley.

As with all fourth-Thursday regular meetings,  free pizza will be provided, and everyone is welcome.

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    • frank on July 14, 2018 at 11:16 am
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    Great I look forward to his talk

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