August 2018: the changing demographics of LatinX 

Update: A Windsor Times article of August 29, 2018, reports on how the meeting went.

Our August meeting will be on Thursday the 23rd at the Windsor Round Table Pizza restaurant, 8499 Old Redwood Highway.  Our speaker will be David Escobar, a former, long-time aide to a Marin County Supervisor, and currently Director of Programs & Operations for the Canal Welcome Center in San Rafael.

Mr. Escobar will speak on the changing demographics of LatinX  and the need to recognize indigenous Latinos within a socio-cultural framework.

David served for six years as a parole and probation officer with the Marin County Probation Department in the Adult Division, before becoming an Administrative Aide to former Fourth District Supervisor Steve Kinsey in Marin County, for 15 years. He took an early retirement to take on the position of Director of the State-mandated re-entry and rehabilitation programs at San Quentin State Prison. He is the currently Director of Programs & Operations for the Canal Welcome Center an non-profit in San Rafael.

 David identifies as an indigenous Salvadoran, and is recognized as a member of the Lenca-Poton nation, which encompasses the eastern region of El Salvador, Honduras, and parts of Nicaragua. He has attended the Indigenous Permanent Forum at the United Nations in New York for several years as delegate with the American Indian Movement and on behalf of his maternal grandmother’s Poton community.




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