November 2018 business meeting

The Windsor/North County Democratic Club held its annual business meeting on November 10, 2018, at Windsor Round Table Pizza restaurant, from 12 – 2 pm.

Attending were: Brent Anderson, Shirley Johnston, Jackson Boaz, Alexander Limper, Peter Jesella, John Broughton, Karen Snyder, Rosa Reynoza, Julia Donoho, Diana Dodson, Steve Herrington, Rick Massell, and Esther Lemus.

The group discussed the possibility of a formal Executive or Steering Committee, consisting of elected and appointed officers, meeting once a month or less, to help organize and run the club.

Possible new positions, beyond the five in the by-laws were discussed. These included two at-large members of the board; a program committee; someone to attend and report on town council meetings (these reports would also be posted on the WDC website, so they could be viewed on-line); a “Reporter” to write stories for the Windsor Times; and a membership committee with phone tree volunteers, focused on recruiting new members. Seveal of the proceeding could be part of a larger Publicity position, which might include maintaining the club’s Facebook page).

Diana Dodson and Karen Snyder volunteered to make phone calls. (Existing phone tree volunteers are Kathy Vedder, Georgia Stadler, Cal Coolidge, and Maggi Koren)

Youth outreach to local schools, possibly in coordination with Wine Country Young Democrats, was discussed. The suggestion was made that Windsor Democratic Club could sponsor a high school Democratic club.

Alexander and Jackson indicated they could help publicize club meeting and events to their fellow-students; service credits, perhaps for outreach projects like canvassing for non-partisan issues, would be a good way to motivate students.

Any additional elected positions would require a change in the by-laws. These changes would have to be posted in advance of a meeting to discuss and adopt at a later meeting. It was agreed to elect officers according to existing bylaws.

Officers elected:

  • John Broughton, President
  • Julia Donoho, Vice-President
  • Secretary, Unfilled
  • Rosa Reynoza, Treasurer
  • Rick Massell, Meeting Program Director

Brent Anderson volunteered to help with artwork and design as needed. Shirley Johnston volunteered to help put together articles and reports.

Potential topics for monthly meetings in 2019 were touched on. Support was expressed that the focus should be gearing up for 2020. This might start with a post-mortem on the 2018 election results. Invitations could be made to activist organizations, Corazon, Indivisible, Swing Left, Democratic Socialists, Our Revolution.

James Gore has offered to conduct a workshop on nuts and bolts of running for office.

Interest was expressed in learning how to help Democratic Party candidates in other districts or possibly other states.

The possibility of separate, additional meetings of the club in Healdsburg to help re-start a Healdsburg Democratic Club was floated.

Other suggested topics for programming included housing; a report on the Habitat for Humanity project in Windsor, with a possible work day; health care, including a cost/benefit analysis of Medicare for All (Single Payer); and post #MeToo, involving the Commission on the Status of Women, Soroptomist Club, Encouraging Women to Run, Emerge CA, and/or Emily’s List; and youth involvement and outreach.

Other topics might include immigration, education, media, or other social or political issues of local or regional importance.

The membership is invited to comment.

–Shirley Johnston


Note: 2018 programs were:

January:  Ernesto Olivares for Candidate for Sonoma County Sheriff.
February:  John Mutz for Candidate for Sonoma County Sheriff.
March:  Maureen McSorley, “How Does An Undocumented Resident Become Legal.”
April:  Presentation and Endorsement for June Ballot Propositions, including Regional Measure 3 and Prop 68.
May:  Rosa Reynoza, “Community Engagement and Inclusiveness.”
June:  Town and City Council members and candidates, “How Much Power Does a Councilmember Have?”
July:  Chase Palmieri on Tribeworthy, (a Media App).
August:  David Escobar “The Diversity of California Latinx Populations.”
September:  Endorsed Windsor Town Council Candidates
October:  Endorsed Windsor School Board Candidates.



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