November 2018 election results (preliminary)

Here are the preliminary election results, for all the candidates and ballot measures that appeared on Sonoma County ballots, where either the California Democratic Party or the Sonoma County Democratic Party took a position or endorsed a candidate. Yellow highlighted items are where the results matched the position or endorsement of the CDP or the SCDP.  For example, two of the three endorsed candidates for Windsor Town Council won, as did two of the three endorsed candidates for the Windsor school board.

These results are preliminary because a large number of mail ballots remain to be counted.  Sonoma County had 66,660 votes left to process after the semi-official election night results were reported; 132,232 votes were included in the semi-official results. Statewide the same was true – about 1/3 of all votes cast were not included in the reported results on election night.

Still, despite the number of votes yet to be counted, it’s clear – in almost all cases –  which measures passed and which candidates won. One notable exception is the race for  Superintendent of Public Instruction, where the difference between the two candidates is about 0.2% as of November 11th. [Updated  information is here.]

Election Results as of 11-11-2018 – highlighted Endorsement List

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